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Tyler Conti is a faith-driven, down-to-earth, family man that cultivated a successful career as a sought-after songwriter and captivating entertainer early on. He’s gearing up for the next big step in his musical  journey; a journey that began as a whirlwind and is changing course as a calling.

Combining slick, simplistic lyrics and intrinsic, unpredictable vocal spins with a freestyle timing that falls comfortably “in the pocket”  as his signature, Conti is an artist that doesn’t paint someone else’s picture, but rather cultivates his own as the focal point for every listener to be drawn. His musical storylines are conversational and lyrics intentional to convey a message of hope. His songs journal life’s rewards and challenges, touching on deep darkness and the brightest moments. With every song, Tyler Conti has every good intention to plant his flag with his own unique sound as his stamp.


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